Slicing onions: Part 2 - Onion recipes; VPNs not required

Ive just published my next blog in the Slicing onion series. This one is about how Tor relates to vpns and other tech. And its called: Onion recipes; VPN not required.

I hope you all enjoy it, and be sure to give feedback if you have any :slight_smile:



Great post, blacklight! Very informative and detailed. I’d like to bust this myth once and for all.

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thank you :slight_smile:


Loved it! However, just to clarify, there isn’t a problem (privacy related) with using Tor over a VPN, except for the money trail, right?

What you are saying is it doesn’t offer any more protection, and as for hiding Tor usage, you can use a bridge. Is that correct?

So it’s that simple ? All discussions on the subject I’ve read were horribly convoluted, with “yes, buts” all over the place, and tons of technical details.

A VPN is privacy by policy, Tor is privacy by design.



Great post. BTW, is there any VPN you reccomend that can be trusted compared to others?

Yes, it does indeed offer no more protection, and to hide Tor usage, you can use bridges.

If you are persistent on using a vpn (or want to torrent or watch 4k footage), then i can say i would trust mullvad the most.


Can I cite your post in this article I’m doing, blacklight? The site I’m reviewing offers a VPN service.

That is fine with me.

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