Skrill needs more info to delete my old ones

So we got a little fight between me & Skrill (the paypal-like website) so before my account get closed i had to send them my ID & personal info (to verify my account, ughh i’m stupid) so yeah now my account closed & i want delete those data but they just want more data so what exactly i do or tell ?

A Copy Of Email

Dear Esmail EL BoB,
Thank you for contacting the Skrill Help Team. 
Be advised that your account is closed and your personal data will be disposed of in accordance with our the data retention policy. More information is available in our Privacy Policy.
If you are not satisfied with the information therein, please submit your request by filling the following secure web form:
The GDPR, which you have referred to, gives individuals a limited right to request erasure of certain personal data held by Paysafe where certain criteria are satisfied. Please fill in the following form and the responsible team will review your request: please submit your request by filling the above-mentioned form.
You will be required to provide your names, registered e-mail address, account ID, a color scanned copy or camera image of a valid government issued ID document of yours such as Passport, ID card or Driving license. In a drop-down you can select the right you wish to make use of, providing more details to support your request.
Your message will be addressed within 30 calendar days. 
Kind regards,
Skrill Help Team
Copyright © Paysafe Group Ltd. All rights reserved. Skrill Limited (FRN: 900001) is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 for the issuing of electronic money and payment instruments. Skrill is a registered trademark of Skrill Limited. 

Well, To be able to apply for your GDPR rights, it’s true that they do need some proofs that you are a member of the European union, and so, those requests are legitimate in this context.
However, while most of the previous services in which i have requested my GDPR rights didn’t really wanted to verify my eligibility, Skrill seems to do verify it.
So, two things : Do they explicitly restrain non-european users to be able to request the erasure of their personal information in their terms ?
And second, verify (or ask them, it might not be precised), the usage of those informations they are requesting you. One would be to verify your eligibility to your GDPR rights, but they might retain those informations for legal inquiries for a determined amount of time.