Simplelogin Vs Anonaddy

I bout a few VPSs recently and I was thinking of putting simplelogin or annonady on it. I only have 1 domain for this so I can only have one. I need the best security, privacy, and anonymity first and foremost. Second in line is I need the most advanced fetchers. And the third is usability. If you can tell me what is the best one to go for when considering what I told you let me know what your suggestion is. Thanks in advance!

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You can find privacy & security comparison here and feature comparison here. Both are quite decent options, most people seem to prefer simplelogin.


OK thanks I also see that simple login has more coming(phone pretension, credit card protection and more). Simple login it is! Thanks!

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I’ve posted an updated privacy & security comparison table on that reddit post here.

If you are self-hosting then the majority of these security features will be depend on how you set up your own domain and server.

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