Signal server repo

I was looking at the signal server repo GitHub - signalapp/Signal-Server: Server supporting the Signal Private Messenger applications on Android, Desktop, and iOS and it looks like there has not been any update in a while, latest commit is in April 2020. Apparently a lot of people have noticed it, but I am not able find any explanation. They are rolling out new features, so I guess there has been work done, but it has not been made public. Does anyone have more information on this? (what happened? where is the codebase hosted? …)

are you sure? checking the commits shows that there is still activity, there’s a few “bump version” commits but also some actual code being added, but I do remember some people saying activity on the server has stopped, but pointed out that the client repository still shows it using end to end encryption, so even if they were doing some sneaky updates to the server they can’t read your messages. but still something to keep an eye on

Wow, that is very weird. When i posted this, latest commit was last year. Either I missed something, or they are using a private repository as main remote and constantly push the changes to the github one. In that case, the client repository which is used to build the app might also be a private one, but enough with the speculations :joy: anyways, thanks for your answer!

No, you’re right @copa. I think they’ve been committing privately and have only now pushed to GitHub.

It just so happens that the period in which the Signal server became proprietary was the same period they implemented MobileCoin.