Shutting Down Gitea

Hello everyone! As a part of our ongoing server migration we have made the decision to discontinue our Gitea installation. Ultimately this service was used by a very small number of users, and continues to consume too many resources to make this a cost-effective platform to host.

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I liked the service while I mostly had mirrors there, but luckily there are a lot of Gitea hosts.

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I do understand your reason. It doesn’t scale for a few users.

Is there any you might recommend for an indie developer?

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I don’t know about indie developer especially as an usecase, but there are several instances coming to my mind:

There are likely more that I am just not remembering at the moment, might be a good place for finding them


I edited to add a source for my claim that is by the developers, but now recognise that it only says:

We are in the process of moving Gitea’s development to

and doesn’t comment on whether it has anything to do by Gitea developers, but I guess it can be said that if Gitea development is going to move there, then Gitea developers trust whoever is behind

Readers here may also be interested in Privacy-friendly source code hosting recommendations.

Let me reframe that, worded that to harshly. What I mean is I wish there was something like a pod uptime thing to check whether an instance is still offline.

Similar issue with Soapbox as well.