Shurfshark VPN

Hi Guys,

any feedback about Surfshark VPN?

I have an account with them I use on my wife’s chrome book (don’t get me started on that!) and it’s a really good service. Lots of servers and good speeds.

Their browser extension was audited and did really well.

They claim no logs, not sure that’s ever been tested, but as of this moment, no reason to believe otherwise.

For what my wife does, it’s a perfect solution.


Hey @danarel thanks very much for the update, Surfshark is presently talk of the town. No offence, but they do have lot of trackers in their windows, android apps

Moreover, in this link
they seems to be linked up with Nordvpn, which over the past has gone very sketchy.

Should we trust VPN services or use TOR is a big ques.

Anyway thanks once again and I do follow u in twitter:innocent:

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