Should I use Firefox Relay?

I just received a newsletter from Mozilla on tips to improve online privacy.

Here is an excerpt from the article:
Email addresses are also a hot commodity for data collection, and with good reason. Most people have only a few email addresses, yet they have dozens, if not hundreds, of online accounts connected to them. Your email address is a unique identifier — after all, you’re the only one with it. Think about all of the information someone could glean by connecting everything you do to your email identity.

How we can help right now:
Firefox Relay is a smart solution for shielding your email. With just a click, you can create an email alias that forwards to your inbox, keeping your actual email address private. Plus, it helps cut down on spam and hacking attempts.

While I agree that I register lots of websites with the same email, but I’m not sure if someone will know my identity or all websites I registered with just by knowing my email. Unless if those websites are under the same company. Like Facebook and Instagram.

What is your thought on this?

To elaborate, if you try to find your email in breach databases such as Have I Been Pwned, you will see data breaches with your accounts in them, likely including an email account. If you had been irresponsible and have been recycling your password with said account and your actual GMail or Yahoo Mail password, anyone can potentially access your account, especially if you had not enabled two factor authentication in them.

Email accounts are usually the most valuable because they hold control over most accounts registered with them.


There is a guy in another forum said that Firefox relay will be a juicy target for man-in-the-middle attack. What do you guys think?

hmm i just use a local text file to store my email accounts :slight_smile: especially if you play a video game and have more than 1 game account (you NEED more than 1 email address)

I personally dont trust FF anymore than I trust Firefox pocket . But then again, I don’t use a password manager either - I just use 25 character or more passwords that i can remember :s I have GPG and other encryption software on pretty much anything i use so i can just encrypt it if i wanted to like i do with my CV/resume

but for those who trust FF ; ya i stay out of that. I think it really depends on what people want to protect themselves from: some weird person in a van parked outside your home with weird antennas on their car , government censorship & surveillance , corporatism , mass data collection, hacker activists that hate you, playing a game with hacker activists that do not hate you, corrupt police forces, a concern of rising authoritarianism, or i guess anyone that just feels like its smart to care about privacy… uh…etc. lols

company itself can’t link but AD companies can link as they collect data from different sources. i would suggest normal alias service as anonaddy or simplelogin

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I don’t understand this statement. Can you please elaborate more?

like let’s say if you singed up on 2 different websites. github and gitlab for example, they both dont know you used same address, but advertising companies, buy this data and start to map it to see so if github and gitlab sold your data, the ad company will know you used same email on both. got it?

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OK I get it. But why do you recommend anonaddy or simplelogin over Firefox Relay? Just curious.

i just feel firefox already got our browsing habits (like not logging as google but im sure firefox still phone home) and dont put all your eggs into one basket also i feel anonaddy or simplelogin are just made for this, so its more focus, firefox closed most of their other projects and like moved some of their team last year so yeah

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