Should i replace my firefoxx browser?

given recent declaration on behalf of firefoxx and discussion with other pro privacy members.
i begin to dubt Mozilla have the interest of free internet in mind?
what do u people think should i replace it?

so far i have being using Tor for general browsing that dont require log in.

one browser i have for mainstream stuff.

and another one i need for loggin to website like this and other alteach websites.

I think you should look at Firefox as the product that it is and not let the politics influence your decision too much. It is true that Mozilla’s management has been terrible over the last few years, and it shows, but as of today Firefox still is a browser that is kept up to date, can be customized extensively, supports a wide variety of extensions and has a large community behind it.

Personally, I use several browsers for different purposes because that works for me to stay organized and compartmentalize my activity. Firefox is one of them and I have no intention of replacing it.

I’ve been using Vivaldi and Ungoogled Chromium for a while and I’m quite happy with them. Brave is not my cup of tea although it has a decent privacy defaults. I haven’t used Tor Browser that much but is also a great choice specially as speeds are improving everywhere.

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I wish Firefox and Mozilla was better but there isnt any other good alternatives out there.

What about the android firefox?

for firefox is bad but chrome is more bad so yes firefox still good and i still use it

I like what you did btw with the browsers

The mobile version is very lacking compared to the desktop version so if your use case depends on many extensions you should consider other options. I personally don’t use many extensions so I don’t even know which browsers support them, however once again I tend to use several for the same reasons I mentioned above. Bromite and Fennec are currently my favorites.

I believe people should do as they wish, rather than blindly following the crowd - and ppl here will have diff opinions from me. BUT if you’re asking for an opinion, here are mine:

  1. If there IS a good alternative I DO ALSO try to stay away from software companies that try to judge people on how they vote, try to tell you who you are and who you ought to be in life… I’m not even American and I’m like “ugh…ok…(>.>).” I also fully support companies behaving that way - because people should know if that’s who they really are :slight_smile: I don’t think its good for everyone if they hid that from the world. I’m more curious if tech companies that do those sorts things genuinely believe their products are secure and private or if they are secretly doing people a favor by playing villian :x

  2. Running wireshark and/or tcpdump with FF running with no tabs open and with the original config - WOW lots of unsolicited connections ; do you trust FF? I don’t.

  3. I use FF-based browsers instead like Palemoon, etc. I DID download ungoogled chrome but I can’t bring myself to install it over an ignorant bias I have for Google. (I’m working on that)…but yes ; there ARE alternatives.

If you REALLY super dislike FF altogether you can just download the Tor bundle service and use the Tor service via a different browser altogether . U really just need a secure browser u can trust at the end of day :slight_smile:

To each one’s own :slight_smile: If one day in the distant future you are banned from downloading FF because you supported a centre-right politician over a centre-left one… then just use something better :smiley:

Maybe an occum’s razor type answer is better; if it seems wrong to you ; then maybe it is :slight_smile:

p.s. i am apolitical

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