Should I fear PTIO ZeroNet?

This is about PTIO websites suggested program/app/appi/script/ called ZeroNet

  • Whether the tool is FOSS, proprietary, free (gratis), or commercial, etc.

What’s a FOSS?

  • Whether you are affiliated with or associated with the tool being posted.

No. Only installed it because it’s a PTIO suggestion.

  • What the tool does, how it’s helpful to promoting privacy.

During install/setup/run the “tool” sets off a cacophony of anti-virus, hacking, injecting, embedding, call-outs warnings by Kaspersky A-V.

  • What alternatives exist, or your thoughts on why it’s a good addition to the market.

I don’t know of alternatives, nor ‘thoughts’ on it since I was not able to get through the variety of warnings, blocks, and ‘click to ignore’, which would not go ignored by A-V.

  • Any other opinions or thoughts you might have, start a discussion!


  1. ZeroNet has a link to google docs that is trying to be kiddie-kewl with bells and whistles. That in-itself says they are too busy yelling ‘Look at me mom - see what i can do’ than simplify things. HINT: Just because one can fill a page with difficult to navigate kewl new eye-candy, doesn’t mean one HAS to! K.I.S.S.

  2. When installing it (running) the installer, Kasperskey A-V went ballistic, popping up with dozens of warnings of Firefox, and Tor being changed, ports opened and closed, stuff being sent to a variety of addresses being blocked, changes to protected areas of Registry, and after wearing down the ‘Click to Allow’ icon, I had to cold start.

  3. After playing at Googles ZeroNet circus, and finding a site I get a warning that the previous page is trying to redirect me to - there was NO PREVIOUS PAGE! So I went to anyway, and it is just a giant ad for

  4. The real grief, is figuring out what all it did get done, what was embedded and how to get back to normal as there is no uninstaller to speak of, at least none that is easily found the normal way.

Feel free to delete this message and start writing when you know what you’re going to say :slight_smile: --> OK

Should this even be a suggestion by PTIO (scroll down to “Worth Mentioning”)?

I DO have a great deal of experience with computers. Just not YOUR kind. I am a expert in my own arena, just as you are in yours. I, like others I talk to, would like to just get off Windows and running a secure, private computer owned by ourselves so we can get on with our work and not have to spend our days on a giant learning curve. It would be nice if we could just go to a store and buy a computer already set up and ready to run, like Windows, but without all the SMRCers. That not being the case, I do hope that one day (soon!) all of this stuff needed to protect our right to privacy will be as easy to buy, run, and use as Windows Stalker 10 is.

Beaker Browser does a similar thing for Peer 2 Peer networking. And you don’t have to punch a hole in your firewall.

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Free Open Source Software

I asked their support room about this and learned:

  • ZeroNet is P2P application and they are said to cause a lot of alerts on Windows antivirus apps. Personally I haven’t used either P2P applications on Windows or other Windows protection than Windows Defender in years.
  • (I moved ZeroNet removal further down while typing)
  • Many projects use Google Docs.

I asked for more information about this. I am not sure what it would be changing in Firefox (AFAIK their documentation says to weaken Tor Browser security by allowing to be used without a proxy), while Tor changes sound normal as ZeroNet starts hosting onion services and tells Tor that through the control port or control socket. Protected areas of Registry again say nothing to me, I asked if they perhaps have automatic firewall reconfiguring.

  • ZeroNet can be removed by deleting the extracted .zip directory
  • You may need to visit Task Manager (Windows + Shift + ESC) or shell:startup (type it to the Run prompt you get by Windows + R keys, it will open your user-specific autostart directory).

I think that we only consider the software with big boxes as recommendations and worth mentioning are more of acknowledging that the projects exist. However I see another issue with ZeroNet, there is no warning about privacy while IPFS and Yggdrasil have that and I am under impression that anyone can see which ZeroNet sites you host/request unless you are forcing it to use Tor.

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Direct quoting from the room:

This could be either firewall changes (to allow other instances of zeronet to connect) or starting on boot as <another user> mentioned above. I’m not familiar with how ZeroBundle is packaged on windows, but that would be my guess.

Thank you everyone for your time and ideas.

I think I am in the wrong place and giving up Windoze I dove into something too deep.

See, by comparison, I was of the mind that I know how to drive a vehicle, can change tires, even change oil and lube it myself. I also have a 65 'stang convertible and can tune the engine.
But I don’t know how to re-bore the cylinders, adjust the lifters, realign the clutch, or calibrate the brakes. But I can drive it and low to medium level, able to maintain it.

Out of spite for Microsoft, I would love to see Linux Be it what ever “flavor” it is, or that means, and give people back the right to privacy. But to do that, either everyone needs to learn a whole new set of languages, devote a greater amount of time to a learning curve, dedicate even more time to making things work for them, and basically, do what the gurus here can do - understand it all.

My aim was to take 6 months and try to make this work. At the etch-a-sketch level, it’s fine. Surfs the trashnet, writes docs and calculates, plays a few games. Equal to Windows out-of-the-box sans the stalkeware. But to advance into what else Windows affords the abused, is in itself, a whole new world.

Failing at the end of the 6 months to have a O/S that keeps hte peeps and perves out of my life, then I would break up the HDDs and storage medium, and sell all devices for parts and the router? That would be melted down and used as book ends. What grid - not on one :slight_smile:

So, in my last month of my 6 months, I will look for Ubuntu support group that is for newcomers - where Ubuntu is a O/S, not a hobby.

Y’all have been wonderful,. So many knowledgeable and talented people here - too many to mention in a thank you. Just think of my thanks a bundled disti (distrIbution not distObution?) :crazy_face:


BeakerBrowser does little for privacy.

Awaiting i2p support…


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And there is a fixing PR, so this case can be closed soon.

This isn’t entirely accurate: that depends on if you’re browsing the normal web, or P2P web. Your average web developer using P2P stuff is not going to knowingly put in malware, unless they work for some cooperation, which by and large doesn’t tend to be that audience.

In Dat, there is not way to access it, unless you have that browser as well.

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