Should I cancel my VPN?

The only reason why I still use a VPN is because I have old routers and a network printer. But is that really a risk? Would a VPN be helpful at all if the routers/printer were compromised?

I already know that a VPN alone doesn’t make you anonymous, that pretty much everything is already encrypted when you connect via HTTPS and use DoH and that should be enough even if you’re using public Wi-Fi.

Besides, the service is not great, IPs are blacklisted and that has caused me issues on some websites. And it doesn’t work on Netflix…

Also, my country doesn’t censor the internet.

Considering all that, is there any reason for me to renew my VPN for another year?


Hi, What security type your wifi is? If it is WPA2 or WPA3, and you use a strict password for your wifi, you should be fine even without a VPN.

why are you paying for that VPN anyway?

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Hi, What security type your wifi is? If it is WPA2 or WPA3, and you use a strict password for your wifi, you should be fine even without a VPN.

WPA2-PSK (AES) but with a simple password that hasn’t been changed in years. I really don’t want to bother the other people I live with about changing it.


why are you paying for that VPN anyway?

I’m an old subscriber with a low price on the annual subscription. If I cancel it, I’ll lose the discounted price.

Do you use your printer while physically away from the home network? If your connection is not secured through HTTPS, an attacker can find out sensitive information that you use to make that work including the very files you are sending for print. But if your connection is through HTTPS all they would see is the destination IP address which is your router’s public IP.

I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on the matter, but someone who is willing to put in the time could start mapping your network in the hopes to find out some vulnerability i.e., some software with known vulnerabilities.

This is all very unlikely to happen, especially if you use HTTPS in the first place and even more so if you keep your software updated. I still would suggest to update your password though, most attacks are automated bots running non-stop trying out common password combinations. Default passwords from routers are not considered very strong.

Some VPN’s works with Netflix and some does not work with Netflix.
I use NordVPN and this VPN works with Netflix.
Sometimes I have experienced that a website has not worked with VPN and then I have
turned off VPN. Otherwise I use VPN for more privacy and be able to watch things outside
the country I live in.
VPN is used so no one outside the web page and you can see the traffic. This gives you more security and privacy.
If your VPN does not work with Netflix then I suggest you change VPN to NordVPN.
I have had great service with them and I continue using NordVPN and this works with
You could also look into Surfshark

You could randomly generate a passphrase and communicate it to the others. Easy to write because it’s a combo of words, yet very high entropy. Length is the main factor for password strength, not how many different characters you can fit.

NordVPN is a sponsor bait honestly. Not the best choice by far, especially after the many many easy breaches and security bugs involved.

If I had to put my money into a VPN, I’d pick ProtonVPN or any of the choices in this website.

I highly recommend you to not renew your NordVPN plan and switch to something that actually does its job.

Could you tell us the name of that VPN and how much you’re paying?