Session Encrypted Messaging

They have switched their encryption to their own.

Wickerme is not open-source is it?

Thank you. In the meantime I don’t use it anymore.

No, it’s not

Session has been added to

My big problem with Session is its ties (development-side, not user-side) to the alt-right community. Regardless of your politics, this is information that should be much more prominently known before the community blindly gives approval to its use:

I wouldn’t trust a single thing being developed by anyone in the alt-right community.

I’m curious if by being decentralized and such if Session effectively avoids the Australian encryption laws… I never looked into how Session works because… well… because of the Australian encryption law :slight_smile:

Know what I trust ; peer-to-peer. everytime :smiley:

So if someone is a military commander in some country and wants to speak to a journalist about their army creating mass graves of civilians… Session prob isnt recommended for them.:slight_smile:

Someone in the matrix chat had linked a post and subsequent comments on reddit (through front-end tedit).

This included a lengthy back and forth between various people.
Topic being among others that session seems to have forgone end to end encrypted messaging claiming other countermeasures will be taken to provide as good or better protection and claiming plausible deniability to be mainly a feature which isn’t often utilized or needed by MOST people.

Can someone link this please.

{where they explain why perfect forward secrecy is no longer a thing and why they believe as such,-]

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I didn’t know about this app. Seems far better than Signal and other messengers on the outside, not requiring a phone number or a mail. The fact it’s decentralized also helps.

I don’t give a damn about political alignment of some developers in a specific country. You shouldn’t either. Individuals are not companies or products. So long as they’re not outright doing or promoting mean stuff, the individuals can believe in whatever political alignment they want. Stop shoving your politics down people’s throats around the world, Americans :slight_smile: You’ve been doing that for more than 70 years, it’s not going too well.

Although, for being a private chat messenger, the fact its website requests canvas data is suspicios. Most browsers would accept that by default, which means potential fingerprinting.