Session Encrypted Messaging

I don’t see any discussion of the Session OS encrypted messaging project, available at . Looks very promising. It is still in the security auditing process but otherwise looks about good to go. Will be interested in the observations of the experts here.

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Anyone else have experience with it? The concept sounds exactly like what I want. Decentralized. The crypto from Signal without the tie to phone numbers. Stronger anonymity (and more on that coming soon).

I tried it out recently on iOS and the experience was brutal. Maybe 50% of my messages were delivered them (some failures had errors, some just went missing). Adding friends was confusing and failed a lot.

It looks better than what Signal is. Lets hope it gets audited soon and the results published so we can feel better using it.

As usual, my problem is migration of contacts. I can barely convince family and friends to use Signal. If Session is buggy and I recommend it to others, I dont think my next recommendation will be accepted anymore. I have to wait, regardless.

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I like it but right now it is just too slow and buggy.