Separate camera

Are separate cameras good option instead of smarphone?
Do you heard about anything which could be bad for privacy using such a camera (e.g. some wi-fi modules). I think it is not a problem, but well, I may not be aware of something.
I know about metadata which should be extracted from photos if one wants to upload them to the internet.

It depends on your use case. If you need a professional €3k camera, then there likely won’t be a smartphone offering the same quality. If you need to zoom in, a “traditional” camera could be better, too.

And yes, there is metadata in pictures.

Thanks. What I want to know if is there anything (except of metadata that can be deleted) which can destroy privacy using such camera.
It seems not, but let’s take MIC noted in other post - would anyone expect simple print is not anonymous? The same with camera - it seems for me, that if I buy it and delete metadata, I am not identificable and cannot be tracked (like by ISP or wi-fi in smarphone). Unless there is e.g. some fingerprint in the photo or some wi-fi in hardware which allows to track signal, but I doubt it of course. But who knows. After reading about privacy I became a little suspicious.

If you remove all metadata (not only EXIF, but also IPTC, PLUS, etc.), you still tell a story in your picture. See

Apart from this, it is unlikely that a random person can identify your specific camera to then identify you as the owner. As always, such considerations depend on your threat model. A party with much money, time, and workforce could of course invest all of this to track you.