Send photo safely from desktop to phone (for Ig stories)

The problem is :
a. I have edited a photo in my computer , I have a good encrypted software so my computer is safe
b. I want to safely transfer this photo to my phone (But not save it in the phone internal storage)
c. So as to share it to Instagram stories
d. The process is safe, no one can recover the photo from my phone
I want a solution that can follow the above 3 principles (achieve both 3 goals)

Here is some idea I have thought about

Rejected idea:

  1. Telegram: Secret chat can allow user to send photo without storing in the internal storage of phone, but Telegram web doesn’t have Secret chat
  2. Whatsapp: Use web version to send the photo to my phone, but whatsapp will automatically save the photo in storage(violate the goal B)
  3. Signal: Although Signal is very safe to send photo from desktop to phone, if I want to share it to Instagram, I must save it in my phone first ! (violate the goal B)
  4. USB: Copy&Paste the photo to the USB, and then insert to phone so that I can share to stories, but it is not safe enough because someone can recover the photo in USB. (violate the goal D)
  5. Instagram Web: IG web is a joke, it is useless, I can’t upload anything. (violate the goal C)

Possible solution…?

  1. Jami: Use web version to send the photo to my phone, but I don’t sure will Jami automatically save the photo in my internal storage of my phone? (I know the desktop version will auto download) (maybe cannot achieve my goal B)

I know it’s very strange, but please help me

just wanna know why you wanna safely send it if you gonna post it public anyways ? also you need pic to be in ur phone to upload it or better. open insta web, switch user agent to mobile and upload photo from PC direct

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I am staying in a restricted country, but I want to share something on Instagram (stories/post). The reason why I want to safely post something without leaving trace, maybe…if I was caught by the police, even they unlock my phone will not see these picture (such that I logout and uninstall Instagram after posting)

I have tried user agent in Firefox browser, but Instagram web cannot post more than one photo, and also I can’t use the special function of IG stories (Timer, Survey, Q&A)

On the other hand, USB maybe not be a good option, although when I post on Instagram, I can directly choose photo from USB, and just eject it after I finished. No Record No photo saved in phone, but USB is too easily to be recovered, and also if I need to post Instagram everyday, that’s mean I have to overwrite the USB daily?

In conclusion, I was seeking a way that can:

  1. sending message(photo) to others
  2. the photo will not save in the receiver device (phone or computer)
  3. After receiving the message, receiver can share to other platform(wts/fb/ig etc) without storing in devices
  4. If the sending process is via Internet, it should be end-to-end encrypted, otherwise using hardware to transfer maybe suffer from the recovery danger

*Signal fulfill all the requirement except (3), as I mentioned before, the Signal receiver need to store the photo in phone before sharing to other platform.

you can post more than pic on web version of insta. also i still not get it i mean i live in restricted country too so why i want to make hate speech about them public on my account? i will get in jail anyways. so i really not get it but as i know you need have the photo in your phone to upload it to insta so maybe there is an app to delete photo without trace on phone or just send photo to yourself by insta (without download it) then click share button or wire or keybase im not sure with those but you can try

I have a problem with this. Applications have cache. How can you be sure that the files remain only in RAM and not in the local storage cache, which will leave traces?

How to post more than pic on web ! I have tried using the Window Instgram App or Firefox with User Agent plugin, it cant’t post multiple picture !

Also, in my country, we are suffering from despotism, but there is some important message we want to share on Instagram/Social media.

I have just had a new idea, how if I download nextcloud in my phone, it can post Instagram using Google Drive, so Nextcloud may also be possible? But Nextcloud is safe? (If I delete file in the cloud drive, would it be recovered)

when u upload pic on story, just click on ur story again and select new pic. i do that also yes anything that u can share the photo from