Secure File Erasing

I heard that a Quick Format and Full Format in Windows are not secure methods to erase data. I want a disk erasing software that is

  1. Portable
  2. Secure Erases Files
  3. Doesn’t Destroy Hard Drive and I should be able to reinstall OS purely clean.
  4. Open Source (if possible)

Can Anyone please recommend me any disk erasing software that has the following features?

I also have a question. Why PrivacyTools website doesn't mention any secure disk format/clean/erasing softwares?

Use BleachBit, which overwrites empty space, thus making sure files are truly gone.


But Isn’t BleachBit Non-Portable?

They have a portable download option as well.



Do you have an SSD or an HDD drive?
If an HDD, then one option is Foss application for windows.

Don’t have any experience with ssd wipes in that context though, maybe someone with more experience can help you out sooner then later.

Also, searching on github/lab or gists, may help you find a way to go for ssd wiping on windows.