Section for bittorrent clients?

I’ve been wondering this for a decent amount of time, so, honestly, I think we should have a section for bittorrent clients because let’s be honest, uTorrent is fishy, Vuze is popular yet not not entirely OSS, and overall there are better options then them. Bittorrent is a useful thing but should also be private, so we should include FOSS bittorrent clients to list. So is including bittorrent clients a good idea?

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Sounds like a good idea. And I believe QBittorrent will make it on top of the list.


Sounds like a good idea. And I believe QBittorrent will make it on top of the list.

I use qBittorrent as my go-to bittorrent client, it is very reliable and easy to use, and hs a great torrent creator as well.

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Torrenting is illegal so i guess it will hurt the team ? i do not know but if you want select app you can use QBittorrent its really good i use it for all of my torrents and its open source so yeah

Torrenting (more specifically, peer-to-peer file sharing) is not illegal unless if it is illegaly copied materials. There are legit torrents that are not copyrighted material like Linux distros. Even then, we’re only going to list clients, not websites to look for.


I know its legal and everything is! everything has its own 2 ways use, use it right or wrong but in the world torrenting for ust torrent is bad (for normal people/ISPs/Gov) so i talk as most of us do

Things is though, you could apply that logic to things that are already listed on the website. Tor is sometimes used for illegal uses like CP or drugs. VPNs can be used to bypass bans from servers and allow torrenting without legal repercussions, etc. Yet, all of them are listed anyways. So if we can list them, then I think we should have no problem listing BitTorrent clients.

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Great idea. Please do that. Please also advice settings and plugins for torrent clients.

I use rtorrent on Pine box, but sadly this client very complicated.

We have an issue at GitHub including Gnutella BIttorrent.

and I would like to repeat my question from there to here:

Which clients would you recommend for Gnutella and BitTorrent? Why?
How do you balance the privacy of BitTorrent with its P2P nature?

Personally I am using transmission-daemon, but I am not certain it’s a good recommendation due to lack of new releases and some other issues, but migrating would be an effort (I would need something that I could script to import Transmission torrents and have a daemon so I don’t need to start a graphical app).

Yup and that’s why they blocked it in Egypt

And okay, you win

So to reply to what you stated Mikaela, I think that I do have some decent recommendations for bittorrent clients to use for a start, all of these are 100% free and open-source.

qBittorrent - Officially maintaned and runs on Windows, Mac, GNU/Linux, FeeBSD, and Haiku. maintaned unofficially on eComStation (OS/2). It is open-source and provides an “anonymous mode” for downloading and uploading anonymously.

rTorrent - A simple interface open-source torrent client that runs on the GNU/Linux terminal.

Transmission - Runs on Windows, Mac and GNU/Linux. Also features a web client, as well as a headless daemon.

Deluge - Runs on Windows, Mac, and GNU/Linux. Features protocol encryption, local peer discovery, proxies, and client servers.

Now, privacy could work by using anonymous mode like provided in qBittorrent, using dfifferent ports everytime, and using proxies.


I’m copy and pasting my comment from GH:

I think the best option for desktop is qBitTorrent, since it has some good security and privacy measures (I know there’s an anonymous mode, although I don’t know what does it do, and it supports encryption for different protocols) besides it’s the most recommended client on /r/piracy.
A good android client would be LibreTorrent although it might be dead, then there are some other interesting software for different tasks although i don’t know how important it is to list them under PT.

On qBitTorrent anonymous mode:
A web client:
Both of these are used to automatically organize downloads and I think you can also continue to seed after changing the files name:
Another client which I read about on/r/piracy, but I haven’t look into it:

There are also android applications that allow you to handle your client remotely, that may be interesting, someone give some feedback on what’s interesting to mention.

Certainly routing your traffic through I2P is the best way, but you need to have I2P working, which is not as straightforward as using Tor.

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There are also search engines within qBT, which allow you to search torrents within the application.

Also I wanted to state that even .torrent files aren’t illegal, but only the file itself which contains the copyrighted content.

Don’t forget KTorrent :slight_smile:

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