| Search engine privacy features comparison

First discovered it after being shared in the Qwant Telegram group. No need to debate about Qwant in that Topic. made by @nitrohorse


its good i love it and its proof that there is no perfect search engine yet

Now we know that all search engines other than the best searx instances are trash. A good searx instance (better than the ones listed below) could meet all of the requirements in this comparison and should be the best option for web searches. Image results are still terrible regardless of which instance or search indexes you use. Just use DuckDuckGo (based in US, for-profit, no proxy/cache, partnerships with yahoo) or Startpage (owned by advertising company, only google results, Captchas which require javashit, no onion service) for images.

Nice work and thanks for this @nitrohorse
I use Snopyta Searx and Disroot Searx which are very good. Snopyta and Disroot are both on The Librehosters Network
If needed I use DuckDuckGo.

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