Firefox extension is broken

I recently found out that the Firefox extension for the searx instance at privacytools is broken. When I search using the address bar, it jumped to the front page instead of the search results. I tried to raise the issue here but there seems to be no fix yet. Is there plans to fix it? Thanks in advanced.

Hmm, by any chance are you using multi-account containers, @Canony?

Yes I am… And I actually tried to search again in the corresponding container and it actually worked​:man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming: Did not know about this before… Thank you for the info

I see, yeah unfortunately search extensions that use POST for making the search request to work with Containers (yet?). Mozilla’s AMO team also allows only one unique search extension per developer. That means I’m unable to submit another search extension for PTIO that uses GET for making the search request (which would work with Containers). I was told over email from the AMO team that the GET vs POST difference in a search extension aren’t significant enough to allow both “versions” on AMO.

For now if you keep using PTIO’s search with Containers, I think you’ll need to open a new tab into PTIO’s search and then make your query.

Apologies about the confusion :sweat:

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Thanks for clarifying. For now I guess I would just de-contain and delete cookies. I have faith in your team :wink:

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FYI there’s also the Onion service + extension you can use. The extension though on AMO also uses POST.