SDNS anonymous that support in DNSCRYPT v2

Just Confusing if dnscrypt proxy version 2 protocol using sdns like encrypt ip and anything make you anon like somewebsite and github said.

forget about doh and tls whatever we just talk about dnscrypt proxy protocol, in their simplednscrypt website said version is Status

Uses dnscrypt-proxy: 2.0.42

it is impact what is called sdns for simplednscrypt on windows version?

I mean do they implement it in already?

im not native english speaker and i hope you guys understand…

look im kinda confused but if you mean the relay then yes it works. if just works like tor. you add relay from relays that in readme file then you select one dns server from dnscrypt protocol not doh and yeah it will do it will connect to that relay then the dns server itself will take IP of relay not yours so it will mask you and yes dnscrypt is secure as doh — if its not what u mean just hit me and make it clear :joy:

Yeah i mean what happen in their dnscrypt server must be recorded ip etc, and using sdns must be verified. :sweat_smile:

i do not know sdns (more info pls) and as i said do not worry me i use it all the time i mean what you need more ? dns in same doh level encryption so no more middle in the man attacks. and there is relay taking your IP so when query goes to dns server itself it will record relay’s IP not your IP so no one will know u visit this site

sorry to paranoid thing in my head, very clear bud thanks :joy: