Screenshot Tool

Hi there

I am looking for a tool to create screenshots, it should be similar to Snagit.

Can anyone give me a suggestion?

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Hey, welcome to the forum!

what operating system are you on?

also Alternative to is the website I start of searches like this one.


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I am also looking for a screenshot tool which has several features

  1. Window 10 can use
  2. Similar to ScreenSketch
  3. Able to customize the screenshot location
  4. Free and open source would be better
  5. Safety and Reliable (No data leak or privacy danager)
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On windows, I’ve been using greenshot for years


Is that safe and reliable ? That’s mean it will not sneakily transfer my screenshot to server.

Unless you choose to upload them to e.g. Imgur, it’ll stay at your PC only

Why not use the built in screenshot tools for Win10? Do they call home?

The built in screen called ScreenSketch, however you cannot choose the screenshot location, and always automatically store on the temp folder. I feed uncomfortable if I cannot control the storage location, someone could be able to view the temp folder to know my screenshot.

Snipping tool is no longer a thing?

you did not say which platform so i’m gonna say try kazam on linux


Thanks for the Replys, it should be a Tool i can use on Linux.

On Linux, I use Spectacle, default KDE Plasma screenshot program. It’s also great, similar to Greenshot

flameshot linux and
sharex windows