Safe proxy websites

Do you know a couple of proxies services?
What I would like is to have a web to which I can go from Tor and enter url in it, so the destination page would not know I am Tor user (and as a result block me). There are some, but I would like to know which is fast/safe/privite/open source and probably has a couple of them to provide compermatisation.

In that case it won’t matter its good or bad proxy because it won’t know its you (because you are using tor) and if you found good proxy website then it wont matter use tor or not because at the proxy who will communicate with website not you (tor)

That isn’t necessary, and something I would advise against.

But why it is not necessary? A lot of pages just dont work using tor. I restarting identity milion of times and sometimes it work eventually (sometimes not) but when I go to proxy site it usually work.

But if I have Java enabled and proxy site has some script or use other tricky solution?
Also, if I would surf a couple of pages during one sesion, it might be somehow identificable due to fingerprint, expecially if I would use local language pages.

Here is the Tor FAQ:

This should be able to provide you with information.

Its really just a waste of time (for any website operator), since your traffic is being sent through multiple locations. A major problem that exists, is government censorship of Tor. Thankfully there are pluggable transports to help circumvent this problem.

Webpage for pluggable transports:

It’s tor mission to defend you from those tricky JS scripts so do not worry

Yes cookies might comprise you (a little) but no because you wont browse same page from same website and from same provider (right ?)