Russia’s great firewall: is it meant to keep information in – or out?

An article describing Russia’s upcoming firewall. What do you guys think, the great firewall of china 2.0?

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No doubt about it. China has really provided the dictator’s bible in terms of dealing with online information in the social media age. Putin is just following along.

It would be interesting to see if, given the new closeness between China and Russia, whether China would actually assist in implementing it.

Heh, maybe they compare notes?

I’d like to be a fly on the wall of that meeting.

The Chinese firewall isn’t impassable either though.

I am mostly curious on how will people get through the Russian one, if it happens, how will it affect average person there and outside and especially how will it affect decentralization/dweb.

In the beginning of this year, there was a blog post Distributed web not ready for Runet cutoff from the Internet and I wonder will things change in time to make them ready.

I know that at least the situation with IPFS hasn’t changed much as its bootstrap nodes are blocked in China (another issue on censorship resistant bootstrapping) and like the said doesn’t remember peers across restarts.