Russia blocks encrypted email service ProtonMail

Thats why there is tor :V

They have also had a couple of DoS attacks.

They also plan to block
This looks like they want to ban all privacy email providers.

Can anybody confirm this?
Lots of “news” about Russia is biased.

and I have heard from Russia that it’s the case.

Here’s an entry from their official blog from yesterday ( and here’s another one from last year regarding the same issue but with a not so heavy outcome as the recent event (

I read on’s twitter account they are also asked to provide some user data to Russain government or will be blocked. They are not going to do that, and are currently taking some legal actions, but I don’t know what can possibly be done in such case

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Russia is widely known to oppose secure communications.

You can literally be sent to jail for “liking” a post that is critical of the current regime.

Glad I don’t live there. Though my shithole country is not too far from it :expressionless:

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I think most the news about Russia is true. I read these websites for more objective news.
Reuters and Al Jazeera

I think most the news about America is true. I read these websites for more objective news.
RT and Sputnik

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The only true source of news …