Riseup.net invite code

Hi, ive been tryna get a riseup invite code for mail and vpn. If someone can possibly please give me one, that would be greatly appreciated.
Im not sure it there are PMs here but add me on discord if you dont mind sparing one: syn#1811

Use pto element rather than discord



Did you know you can download and use (without an invite) Riseup’s VPN for free (donations welcome) for Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Android at:

As far as an invite for their mail service. I highly doubt you will find an invite it here. There are several subreddits where I have seen in the past that folks asked and eventually got an invite. But most are through IRC on OFTC, and some rarely, are on Freenode.

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Can i get their config file?


Supported RiseupVPN Options

The Bonafide API for Riseup does not return all supported protocols and ports. I’ve listed what appears to be available below as of 12/25/20.

  1. Amsterdam, NL (hornero.riseup.net /
  2. Amsterdam, NL (mockingjay.riseup.net /
  3. Amsterdam, NL (redshank.riseup.net /
  4. Amsterdam, NL (shag.riseup.net /
  5. Miami, US (crane.riseup.net /
  6. Miami, US (limpkin.riseup.net /
  7. Montreal, CA (gaei.riseup.net /
  8. Montreal, CA (yal.riseup.net /
  9. New York City, US (starling.riseup.net /
  10. Paris, FR (fournier.riseup.net /
  11. Paris, FR (hoatzin.riseup.net /
  12. Paris, FR (hirondelle.riseup.net /
  13. Paris, FR (pie.riseup.net /
  14. Paris, FR (mouette.riseup.net /
  15. Paris, FR (zarapito.riseup.net /
  16. Seattle, US (garza.riseup.net /

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