Riseup best email choice for privacy?

I recently stumbled upon a small article that discussed many “Privacy” encrypted email companies and showed the good and the bads or each. I read a bit on ProtonMail which kind of turned me away from them as I did realize in a way your forced to give your phone number. I tried using my Riseup email for verification and I got a ( Email verification temporarily disabled) as if it known the type of email. Tried again as a test and it worked with an iCloud email. Weird, anyway I’d like to know your thoughts on what you think is best. DigDeeper post on ProtonMail and others

I’d like to point out the fact that the author of that article uses a Disroot email address. Just sayin.’


DigDeeper is not a site I’d recomend getting your information from. Riseup isn’t listed because it doesn’t meet our criteria.


It depends on your use case. I’ve skimmed through Riseup’s website and haven’t found anything about using your own domain. So it’s probably not a good idea to use it for business, for example, since you’ll lose your address if Riseup ever goes down (not to say that it looks more professional to use your own domain name).

Also, recently I was able to sign up for ProtonMail without a phone number by informing a disposable e-mail address (Guerrilla Mail) for verification.

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Thank you for responding. Is there a way to use ProtonMail bridge for other mail clients other than apples Mail app?