Return to FACEBOOK?

In Sorry, another question - TELEGRAM? there has recently been discussion on Telegram vs FACEBOOK and similar and which is the worst option and I have been giving the argument that I have considered it as a less bad option than FACEBOOK for having connections to people and while this isn’t directly related to the linked post, it’s what prompts me to start this thread.

I have been wondering if I should make a FACEBOOK Facebook account as “everyone else” is using it, while there are some who have deleted accounts recently.

In addition to being one of the biggest platforms that gets advertised everywhere and people are surprised to hear that I don’t have an account at first and all kinds of peer groups are hiding there and it seems to be very difficult to hear of public events or anything outside of it (and it would be even more difficult without Telegram).

Regardless, if I did return, I would give it more credibility for having everyone in and being less of a reason to leave it or think of using something else and I don’t know if I should be one of the people not on it. Suffering minor depression doesn’t help either.

On the other hand, while I was on FACEBOOK, whenever I was mentally suffering, I would deactivate my account for months and feel better, but then one association or another would make me guilt myself into reactivating the account to repeat the cycle. After leaving it, I also haven’t been so involved in some associations or groups and have felt like I am being closed out for not being on FACEBOOK.

So I guess this is a request for emotional support or encouragement to not return to FACEBOOK and not start feeling worse for FACEBOOK feeding negative emotions?

In good news, Mobilizon, which I hope can replace FACEBOOK Events for people on Telegram and IRC (the second biggest app/ protocol for me to contact people) may be movable to it or at least made mirror their events on it, seems to be planning to have V1 in the first part of 2020, so maybe I should wait for them and see what happens during half year after it gets released before thinking about giving up.

There are also more or less upcoming protocols and apps/services for replacing FACEBOOK Groups and those two are the biggest ones I am missing. I would also be interested in FACEBOOK Marketplace, but I don’t have any practical use for it currently and it doesn’t hold a monopoly.

both of the links above are also more or less tracked on PrivacyTools GitHub tracker


Summery please ? :joy:

Personally I keep avoiding Facebook for a multitude of reasons, and not just for privacy reasons. Their group culture their is extremely weird. One of the groups, without asking for input from the members, basically rebranded themself.

They were already touting transphobic memes, despite it being an ancom server. Now their calling themselves a Green Anarchist server. I almost feel like that group serves a similar purpose to Obrien from 1984 sometimes.

Not going to take that bait this time.

But yea, I don’t like Facebook.

My biggest issue with Telegram is their constant crashing on my linux desktop. And they way they arbrutrarily close issues in their Github issues. Why have your software be open source, if you wont take issues people’s propose? Seems kind of given.


In Finnish news their profits have grown and amount of users has also increased by 8 %, but now that it’s daytime again, I am not so interested in joining.

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I feel you, since I deleted my FB account I don’t speak with anyone online, and AFK I just have one or two friends. At first I talked through Steam or WSP (latter is the harder to get rid of IMO and it’s my only FB product in use) but it begin to be less and less frequent until I lost the habit of talking with people. This is not because I decided to have a more private conscious life BTW, I don’t want anyone thinking that this is how everyone ends, and if anything BigData and their manipulation of social interaction is to blame.

If you are concerned about knowing of certain events I think you could tell a friend of yours who uses the platform to tell you about them, alternatively, you could try use ( to check for events on some public group or in the events feed, or maybe check the web page without login in.

Regarding groups I would go with Reddit, it’s a lesser evil, you don’t need an e-mail or any identifying information to sign up and you could enter through Tor. It still tracks your data but to a lesser extent and it has better content if you are looking for specific topics. If you are trying to make some friends though, I guess FB groups is a better option.

I think that getting back to FB will make everything worse, I’m sure your feed will have some shit that will make you sad, you will procrastinate more, you will feel addicted to it and on top of all that they are a group of tecno-fascists who don’t care about anything except themselves.

I checked both projects and they look cool, Mobilizon more than Guppe since it looks unfinished or weird, I see that the groups are kind of like toots? Maybe I need to sign up to be able to see how it really works. It is really lovely to see the fediverse growing so much and building alternatives to all those websites.

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When I deleted my Facebook account years ago it wasn’t because of privacy implications (I wasn’t even aware of any of them at the time) but because I didn’t like how people were so obsessed with the damn thing.

I have had arguments with work colleagues who I didn’t really knew that well personally, because I didn’t accept their friend invite. I’ve been seating on the other side of a table staring at a person scrolling endlessly through their feeds, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc… I guess (hope) you get the idea.

This is a privacy forum but my only reason not to use Facebook have nothing to do with that. Facebook does not help connect people. Instagram does not help connect people. Every day I see it, everywhere, people addicted to this, trying to make each other jealous and looking at their screens instead of at the magnificent views, monuments, arts, movies or whatever that they really have in front of them.

Even if it really is as useful as it seems which I would argue is not of course, it’s definitely not healthy and that is what matters. If you feel like you are ‘missing out’ (I can’t believe how much people are afraid of this) just ask your friends to let you know when something comes up. Or even better, call them and say “hey, what’s up?”

Speaking of Whatsapp, is a messaging app and therefore it does a pretty good job connecting people which is why I use it. Privacy debates aside is great for that, and I’m sure most if not all of your friends use it?


I agree with all you said, but I also think it’s not something related to social media per se, but how they have been built. I believe there has to be a way in which we can have both privacy respecting and healthy (in how they relate to human behavior) social media. Still, I don’t know if this is going to happen any time soon since the frontier between your internet and your persona has been erased, internet is IRL now.

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“Funnily” after only a week I am again bringing up this topic.

Today I was thinking of attending a peer group which is mostly reporting everything in FACEBOOK and there is just one person who SMSes me when they meet and apparently they have likely cancelled todays meeting which would have been difficult/impossible for me to know if I hadn’t SMSed apology on being late and being ready to go if they hadn’t moved anywhere from the place I knew.

This is the other side and I think you are right, especially with Finnish municipal elections starting to become a topic again or at least there is becoming a candidate form open in the Pirate Party. I haven’t yet decided if I will become a candidate again, maybe if I will be asked personally, but that position would have potential of throwing more toxic material at me through FACEBOOK.

Anyway, now that I am living alone again and am not going to be social tonight, maybe after a tea break I will be able to get on top of my 1186 unread emails (according to Thunderbird) and see how is PrivacyTools doing.

Don’t go back to fakebook.

If you want to share info/updates with your friends, you can use Friendica and just send them a link to your profile, that way they can read your updates and if they want, can join.

Put yourself in the position of how life was before Fakebook, and how people communicated. It wasn’t important to have daily updates on what food you eat, or sharing cat videos. Life went along perfectly fine before the advent of social media and people kept in contact with each other via phone and email and snail mail.

Besides, if you value privacy, you won’t go back to fakebook.

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“the most striking aspect of Zuckerberg’s testimony wasn’t his painful apologias or excuse-spinning, but his ability to spend nearly 10 hours saying almost nothing.”

I don’t see any positives in joining or returning to Facebook. Facebook is anti privacy and Mark Zuckerburg is reason enough not to join.

No, avoid.

I ended up returning to FACEBOOK WhatsApp due to the corona situation and the Uusimaa region in Finland possibly going to lockdown in near future. I was also thinking of FACEBOOK Messenger, but apparently that requires a FACEBOOK facebook account nowadays (after 5 years of allowing phone number registration) and the ToS are too invasive for me, while FACEBOOK WhatsApp mainly has this clause that can also be found from Discord:

Your License To WhatsApp. In order to operate and provide our Services, you grant WhatsApp a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sublicensable, and transferable license to use, reproduce, distribute, create derivative works of, display, and perform the information (including the content) that you upload, submit, store, send, or receive on or through our Services. The rights you grant in this license are for the limited purpose of operating and providing our Services (such as to allow us to display your profile picture and status message, transmit your messages, store your undelivered messages on our servers for up to 30 days as we try to deliver them, and otherwise as described in our Privacy Policy).

I tried going back but apparently they decided they don’t want me with all my disinformation/alias usage and flagged me as an account abuser. So no.

There was once a window of opportunity to just use Messenger but they’ve since then disallowed a Messenger only account (I guess it is not as profitable, data-scraping wise).

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