Requesting more details to be added on opencollective expenses

i noticed a steady increase in “web hosting” expenses
Nov - 60$
Dec - 60$
Jan - 80$
Feb - 80$
Mar - 80$
Apr - 100$
May - 279$

i see the only detailed expense is the May one which says you that you got new setup with Hetzner for 204$ and a SoYouStart 74$ invoice.

this is not counting that in Feb you purchased a second server hosting service for 359$ for the duration of 6 months.

my questions are:
have you changed your web host? why?
how many servers you have now?
how is it that one guy inputs the receipt details and approves it? shouldnt this process be made by at least two people?
can we have more details of your expenses?

pinging @jonah

Yes — Matrix is a resource-intensive service to run and also one of the most critical services we have.

Three, but this month we will have two so costs should go down. We shouldn’t have had to renew the SYS server in May but we did for reasons outside my control.

The May Hetzner bill also included setup fees.

OpenCollective seems to have redesigned their expenses page to include these details, that was new when I submitted them this month, which is why previous months did not have this information.

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