Replace DataCell with Vikings

Basic Information

Discussion: Replacing DataCell with Vikings
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Vikings Information:

Location: Germany
SSL: Yes

DataCell information:

FOSS?: Not a priority
Location: Not certain, seems to be owned in Iceland and operated in Switzerland.
SSL: Currently Outdated [Sept 2019]

More Information

DataCell is an “ethical” hosting provider in Iceland. Offering “100% Sustainable” hosting practices based in Switzerlan (and possibly Iceland?).

Vikings is also an “ethical” hosting provider with similar services in Germany.
They also sell hardware and are one of the contenders for the new “Hardware” section:
github [dot] com/privacytoolsIO/

Why Vikings?

Vikings has a strong focus on selling privacy-respecting hardware.

Iceland and Switzerland are free-speech eccentric. However, Germany still includes many free-speech protections.

I recommend PRQ for users interested in Data Havens:
Discussion: PRQ

Note: Vikings only accepts orders over email for the time being until they can set-up an online store.

It is also, unclear if DataCell hosts its own servers or is a reseller for its partner RackBone:

If it’s something on the website, please open an issue at GitHub