Remove FIREFOX from Browser Recommendations For Android

Since firefox for android no longer support about:config it should be
removed from recommended…
Look like spyware to me

why is the absence of about:config an issue? Also, is Fennec Fox affected by this?

Fennec Fox? I don’t know …
From FDROID (Fennec F-Droid | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository):
“Fennec F-Droid is based on the latest Firefox release (codenamed Fenix).
It has proprietary bits and telemetry removed, but still connects to
various Mozilla and Google services that can track users.”

“Why is the absence of about:config an issue?”
Firefox is packed with tracking technologies from mozzila and sponsors, without “about:config” removing them (described here: Web Browsers | PrivacyTools) is very difficult.
Open source and mozzila declaration mean notting. Most users wouldn’t recognize spyware in source code since it doesn’t need to be written as spyware. Simple buffer overflow will do the job and
mozzila will claim just another bug…

Absence of about:config send clear msg: Don’t mess with ours setup (sponsors). This is NOT open source philosophie.

Congratulations to mozzila team, they have made open source spywere

Mozilla No Longer Supports A Free Internet

Mozilla, a long-time champion of free and an open source software, recently posted a blog stating that the Internet needs more censorship. According to Mozilla, it is not enough that Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites ban “bad actors”. They want these sites to implement strategies to preemptively silence these people.

Did you read the article ? Are you a russian spam bot ?
They’re asking 4 sensible things:

  • Reveal who is paying for advertisements, how much they are paying and who is being targeted.

  • Commit to meaningful transparency of platform algorithms so we know how and what content is being amplified, to whom, and the associated impact.

  • Turn on by default the tools to amplify factual voices over disinformation.

  • Work with independent researchers to facilitate in-depth studies of the platforms’ impact on people and our societies, and what we can do to improve things.

Stop spreading non sense.


Mozilla isn’t “packed with tracking technologies from mozzila and sponsors”, again, nice disinformation, it has anti tracking technologies not activated by default because they judged it could hurt the average user exeperience, like have sites not working properly.


And that is problematic, looks like “they” always knew what’s better for as…

Well know liberal tactic: As soon as you disagree you are branded as russian spy, LOL. No bot, soorrry…

Let me remind you of the purpose of
“helping users to enhance privacy”

You can read about mozzila spying here: Firefox — Spyware Watchdog

Sorry I’m not American, I’m not stuck with a two party system.

I’m not disagreeing, I’m telling you you’re lying on the content of the article you’re sharing, that’s straight up misinformation.

Totally legit looking website coming from someone not knowing how to write the name of the company he’s attacking.

Anyway, we can’t consider Firefox a spyware, you can criticize them removing about:config because you like to disable some functionalities but Firefox is still by default, a privacy respecting browser.

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Me neither.

Liberal tactic again, who care about name of the company? There are some undeniable facts

Much better, finally some facts
I can agree that firefox is best alternative from all bad choices. I’m using (personalised) firefox 68.11 with update blocked for now.

more facts…

Well you managed to never comment on this. I don’t know, maybe delete or edit this message that is blatantly false.

Yeah we should list librewolf instead

@A_user He’s talking about the android app, as I know, LibreWolf doesn’t exist on android.

Then fennec

Fennec doesn’t have “about:config” enabled either. Only FF nightly for Android as I know. Though I use Fennec anyway, uBlock origin is the only thing I need, besides regular privacy settings available.

That’s strange, just checked and I have about:config enabled on Fennec from F-Droid, 89.1.1
Also you can install any add-ons there, not just those approved by Mozilla for Android.

I’m using the same version of Fennec and can confirm I also can access about:config.

Anyways OP, I know you’re upset that you can’t access about:config (which I agree is annoying from a user perspective) and because you read the headline “We need more than deplatforming” (a controversial and click-baity title, but you should actually read the article). However, Firefox is still the best in terms of a privacy respecting browser (as a base for a fork or otherwise). Any non-technical person switching from Google Chrome to Firefox is significantly improving their privacy. Is Firefox perfect? No, but it’s IMHO the best option out there.


Lol I could not imagine that this ignorant delirium from neocities could be seriously discussed in 2021. Liberal sponsors just overflowing my buffer :joy:

  1. Telemetry can be disabled in Settings > Data collection.
  2. If you need access to about:config and all add-ons, use Fennec F-Droid.

I’m using (personalised) firefox 68.11 with update blocked

By using an outdated software, you only expose yourself at risk of infection just because of some ill-founded spy fantasies. And not only yourself, but other people as well, since your device can, for example, become part of a botnet that writes all kinds of nonsense on the internet.

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Another weird republican who probably thinks Mozilla is trying to “cancel” their conspiracy hate speech or something. Keep your reasons technical please, instead of sharing their deplatform article, which is actually a great article by the way.

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@SystemOmicron @extropian
You are right, there is about:config option in Fennec. I don’t know how I missed this