Reliable Money and Expense Manager which value privacy and security(Encryption)

There are many expenses manager apps in Google Play or IOS store for users to record our daily expenditure, however, I want my record data is secured, e.g Use AES to encrypt my expense record and no one can access the data (even the app provider), and the provider is honest to protect my privacy.
Can you give me some suggestion if you are using a reliable and safe expense record app?

*I have tried some similar app on F-droid, but their functions is not enough (compare to paid apps)

in that case i ask if the paid apps need access to internet or not. if not, you can download firewall app (there is famous one but i dont remember the name now, sorry) and cut the internet

Do you mean NetGuard? But I have already using VPN on my phone, thereby I can’t use NetGuard unless I give up the VPN apps (but then I cannot change IP address)


Well, these only 2 ideas i got :confused: so try if you are on your own wifi or can block stuff you can get IPs and block it in your internet as hole or i think there is something like hosts file so you can use that too

Haha, but I always use the apps by data, you know, I need to record the expense immediately, looking for a reliable provider would be easier.

Just record the initial expenses of the day on Signal or something as an expiring self message then transfer that info elsewhere once you get home.

If you are only concerned to change your IP, then you can use Adguard. You can use socks5 proxy (changing your IP) with Adguard, along with blocking apps/ trackers from connecting to internet

Moreover, if you are ready to spend few bucks, you can switch to Blokada open source Adblocker with built in VPN.