Reinventing Firefox for Android: a Preview

I will probably try it out over the weekend, but I feel like it’s not ready for prime time due to the lack of extension support. I also heard that sync support is functional but with some features missing.

AFAIK, regular Firefox for Android will eventually be automatically updated to the new fenix-derived version.


I’d been using Firefox Focus as an alternative for a bit. While I know that it isn’t as heavy duty as Tor, it blocked a lot of the trackers and third party data mining. I wonder if this will be similar in any way?

Some thoughts after using preview for a bit:

  • The UI/UX feels snappier and more responsive. This is particularly noticeable when inputting things in the address bar.
  • I am not seeing much difference in rendering speed relative to regular FF (both are good on my SD625 device).
  • Native dark mode is definitely an improvement over my 3rd party dark mode theme for mobile (yes, you can actually theme Firefox for Android). I wish FF would switch based on local sunset/sunrise (ala Nova Launcher), but it’s not that big of deal (they do support alignment with system theme on Pie).
  • I found the bottom placement of the address bar awkward at first, but it seems to be an improvement once you get used to it.
  • Default tracker blocking is no replacement for UBO. Lack of addons is a big drawback for Firefox Preview.

I will most probably switch once Firefox preview starts supporting UBO.

EDIT: Some screenshots:

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