Regarding the firefox tweaks

So it’s easier to make an account on facebook using tor than on Github, that’s why I’m posting this one here.
It’s about:

I just wanted to mention the tweaks I personally don’t use and what exactly do they break (and thus applying them is not an option for me):
network.http.referer.XOriginPolicy = 1 (or 2)
Many facebook videos won’t be played when doing this. I leave it at 0 (and I’m not sure because that was a long time ago, but when it was on =2 I wasn’t able to play videos on my google drive)

browser.send_pings = false
tbh I don’t know what it broke, I could activate it again to check what exactly it did.

dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled = false
this was mentioned there, but another reason is: When you copy a picture and you want to paste it in your browser (let’s say on in my case) it just doesn’t work.

browser.safebrowsing.downloads.remote.enabled = false
I know this will prevent from sending the things you download to google servers, however: isn’t this anonymized from mozilla so that google won’t exactly know from who this was sent? and tbh I think Security is more important than privacy so I didn’t do it.

And much more important things I personally do:
1- One can simply activate: = true
and you won’t need HTTPS Everywhere (less attack surface and less fingerprinting)

2- most people will use the built-in password manager anyways. Securing it with a master password is very important, so that RATs and tools that hackers use to expose passwords won’t work (I tested it myself), in case the machine got compromised.

3- regarding uBlock Origin: I highly recommend mentioning the tutorial that the hated one did on Youtube. I personally learnt from it and can’t think of anyone else explaining it better.

I am really don’t understand your question can you tell me in more easy english ? (not native)


There seems to be no question. @thatoneguy lists configuration for Firefox that they don’t use + 3 additional settings that they use.

@thatoneguy, you could use some Markdown to properly format your post. :slight_smile: