Reddit In RSS Feed?

i left reddit (finally) wondering why ? because all sings referring to they mining data & selling it so i left reddit last night & wanted a way to keep an eye on /r/privacy & /r/privacytoolsio (sorry but yeah to be honest because they have more news & topics) so i thought about rss feed & i got the link ( but my problem that i not have an addon to read these feeds also not sure how i add the link inside addon so yeah i want help with finding open source firefox addon (RSS Feed addon) & tell me how insert link inside it & if its possible to find an addon that have organized way/view to show feeds

I think your title is a bit misleading and you might get more views by asking for RSS feed reader in it, if that is your question. I am using

but mainly I just copy the feeds to either IRC bot or RSS integration.

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You could also use the standalone program Quite RSS.

thx its worked but is there an addon for rss feed without visit reddit url everytime ?

its not on debian, just ubuntu…