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Discussion: Reconsider Peertube

In relation to privacy and WebTorrent:

First and foremost, WebTorrent can be turned off by the PeerTube instance:

Plus, I can confirm PeerTube does appear to work within the Tor Browser. :slight_smile:

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I don’t think we ever decided to not include PeerTube, but I have forwarded your comment to the issue where I think the ability to disable WebTorrent may ease the concerns of more privacy-concious people.

The only change I did was to change your link to which shouldn’t change and expand the hilight to the whole config block.

My main sticking point with Peertube, is the ridiculously small video hosting they allow. Which is simply not practical for those who want to have a normal streaming channel.

But that is not a peertube problem, but rather a parameter that can vary depending in the instance you choose; you can simply choose one with a bigger quota

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Have you tried any IPFS based solutions? I think they should allow you to host the video by yourself. I haven’t looked into them though.

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Yea I could try that route. Also for local area usage, there is SyncThing as well.

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