Recommended Android ebook PDF reader?

Hi, I thought I could use you as a lazyweb. I have some ebooks in PDF format and they don’t convert nicely and as Kindle isn’t that pleasant with PDF files, I wonder if you have any favourite PDF readers which remember the position of the book?

take a look at these

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Thanks, I thought there would be a lot more of those. However I started applying my criteria on them and the most recent one is KOReader as Libera PRO says to be using another app which is said to be vulnerable. The third one hasn’t seen updates in years.

I was also suggested a propietary one

but as Play Store is being stuck for me, I will try KOReader first.

MuPDF works for me.

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iam using a privacy-unfriendly app that has already audio books (like spotify but for books)

I ended up using Ebookdroid, even if it has apparently previously been open source and then became closed

Fbreader, pay version is on play store. Free vert is on fdroid.