"recommend" or "request" provider entry?

Hiho guys,

i’m fairly new here and hope this is the correct place to ask.

since around 22 years i’m run a full range / service web, vps and email hosting company with focus on (open source based) security and reliability. As one of the first companies in germany we implemented TLS and antivirus-solutions in our email systems and we constribute to different open source projects in that area, while developing a own highly effective anti-spam solution. Our higly reputated mail systems are available as Relays, POP and as gatewayed inhouse mailservers (manaaged + transparent satellite setups) and offer a very wide range of standard extensions / features and customized setups. our WebMail / PIM environments allows PGP.

our customers come from small to large - private to public, but mainly by word of mouth - to us. until today, each customer get personal support from us - so we are relatively small but we are working exclusively with own hosting infrastructure and as DNS and domain provider (for most TLDs worldwide). Our current platform locations are in germany and luxembourg. We accept BTC.

customers could get very specific setups, configurations as setups from us and we help to integrate our services into existing networks.

is it possible to get listed as provider for email, hosting as DNS? Or at least in one of that categories. if not - i’m sorry for the noise here…

many thanks and best regards,


To be added to the site, you have to open up an issue tracker on our Github page. In it, iIl advise you to explain what your link is to the service, what makes your service more private or better (or at least on par) with the other listed services.