ReactOS - oepnsoruce widnows alt

Hey folks,
i was watching an episode from LTT and it was talk about “ReactOS” so from what i understand it’s a linux distro (not sure but it’s open source and free so maybe yes linux) and it look like windows (like a lot) and it can run some derives too that run on windows (i assume with wine) so i think it’s really a good start for new folks that want move from windows to linux.


i just continue watching the video and nope! its not linux based but it still open source tho so it’s still good move to get out of Microsoft’s sh!t

It still in alpha and most of time it stuck (see vid) but still good because it’s out of MS’s sh!t :joy:

ReactOS is awesome, but I honestly can’t recommend it for daily use.

First off, it’s not Linux, it just has a lot of Linux compatibility in it. It’s entirely it’s own thing. It’s a recreation of DOS in a FOSS project.

It’s also only developed by like, 4 or so people. As amazing as it is, it’s really just not ready to be used.

I saw this vid earlier and I hoped you heard Anthony’s takeaway in that a bare metal install is even worse than installing in a VM. Also notice the amount of times it crashed, this is not what you want Windows refugee to go into. A lot of the mainstream distros are lightyears better than this. Hanna Montana Linux is better than this.