Reaching out. Working on a new privacytools platform

Hi guys,

So i have been working on a new privacy tools platform with a new language for a while now. (Yes you guessed it. It’s going to be dutch.) Since protecting people’s privacy is a huge part of my work i started to adore privacy tools a lot. So my company decided to participate and start to build a privacy tools website in dutch. Just a thing before i am going to launch the website i want and need to talk about some agreements to someone… Does anyone knows who i can talk to?
I’d really appreciate some help getting me started so i am able to launch the website soon.

Sorry for my sloppy english.

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The website is in the public domain (CC0 license) so feel free! Let us know once you’ve finished and we can add it as a translation project on our own site.

If you want to talk privately feel free to PM me or shoot me an email at!

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Thank you Jonah.

Your in luck, im a dutch native to, so ill be able to easily help you, feel free to pm me.

i will keep that in mind. :slight_smile:
Thank you.

And the website is launched! visit it on

Is “privacy tools” in ducth still “privacy tools”?

  • Just curious

You know that’s actually a funny point you got there :laughing: