Questions about this forums privacy

1.why is our profile picture keep being stored even if we remove them?
2.why use AES 128 when you can use AES 256?
3.why do you keep retained ip log for 5 years? there a reason we can’t delete our own topic?
5.why not have .onion address?
6.why is our account not deletable after posting 15 posts?


and why there is no delete account in settings

EDIT: oh after 15 posts? i thought they disabled the button in general because i remember a new user was asking how to delete their account and im sure they did not post the 15 posts

Your account can only be disabled and can’t be deleted you post more than 15 times remember this post? How to delete account from the forum?
Edit:you still have to ask to them to delete your account but if you post more than 15 times they won’t delete it they would just disable it

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  1. Everything that anyone uses in this forum should be disposable information. Its not like the service will break if you used aliases. You are not required to post your actual face for a profile picture. I hope no one does.

  2. , 3. and 6. Good question.

  3. Topics self delete after a certain time of inactivity so there is a certain degree of ephemeralness (ephemerality?). I wish it was on our terms rather be on the mercy of some troll that purposely posts from time to time to keep the thread active.

  4. The forum and website works normally enough through Tor and I would argue that should be sufficient. Any more hops shouldnt be meaningful with our use particular use case. This is an issue if the site was like Silk Road.

Overall, the forum service itself could be better but if I recall correctly all of the above concerns should probably be directed towards Discouse service itself rather than the PTIO moderators which probably used the server defaults.

The PTIO server admin/s has the power to modify the backend to improve the privacy issues you have raised, but doing this would require actually website backend maintenance (meaning someone should actually look at the code every update and see that it doesnt break site functionality) because any custom settings will eventually break something after the Discourse service updates itself. Its probably simpler to operate on a default settings.

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thanks for useful info! and if you cant delete a service, faking data is always an option

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