Question about Protonmail

Using Protonmail and was wondering if there was something just as good or better that also works with an app like Sparkmail. I dont mind browser, but do prefer application on desktop. I know about Bridge for protonmail, but really don’t want to pay just to use an app.

The bridge is required for third party app usage, (which requires a paid account) that is how it is.

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Good evening JamesDaBrave,

the Bridge is definitely the best solution as said by Daniel Gray and it’s worth the money. But if you really really can’t pay for now, in the meantime, you can have a look into ElectronMail. It’s not made by Proton, it’s not official but it’s free and it works fine. Does it do the same thing as the official Bridge ? No. Is it a good alternative solution for the time being while you don’t have the money to support Proton ? Yes. Would I suggest to keep using it for ever ? No, because Bridge is perfectly integrated with email clients, official, secure, professional, is part of a bigger solution (all Proton services) and the money of it will support future work of Proton and free users.

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Thank you for your response. I’ll definitely look into Bridge and ElectronMail

You’re welcome.

There’s one thing that bothers me about Protonmail, and perhaps other similar services as well (I don’t know).

I sent a GPG encrypted message (including my GPG key) to a person and he replied. However, I think Protonmail decrypted the message automatically when I was using the service in my browser. So this means that Protonmail automatically offered a GPG key to the person who then encrypted his reply using it instead of the key that I attached manually.

This kind of encryption can be beneficial, especially if the key is handled in the browser only and not sent to the server. However, there are two things that I do not like about it:
– In the case of encryption inside the browser, the user must trust the web interface. Trust it every time he/she connects to the service and assume that snooping features were not added today morning.
– It causes confusion and people may think that such an encryption scheme is more secure and less risky than it actually is.

Has anyone else paid attention to this issue?

It’s likely that happened through WKD, as ProtonMail offers WKD. iirc, Thunderbird searches for keys via WKD. Ie can manually be done with this command: gpg --locate-key

Yes, these are known issues. It is a trade off you make when having the UX that ProtonMail offers. If you want to manage your keyring yourself, you can also do so through the bridge, or another email provider with IMAP etc.

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Does that explains more ?

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