Question about ProtonMail Bridge

Just realizing that bridge can connect more than just Apple mail client for Mac users whom use ProtonMail. I currently have a Professional subscription and love ProtonMail but wanted a better client. I know bridge helps encrypt emails but does this mean any client would be safe if using ProtonMail Bridge? Still want to use Thunderbird and am in the middle of figuring out this whole Monterail theme situation for a nicer UI but still was puzzled regarding bridge. Although I’ve been into privacy apps and follow protocols for staying safe, I still find myself guessing.

i know, i know it’s not answer to the question but i guess would help too

On Mac ProtonMail Bridge is officially supported for Outlook 2011, 2016, 2019, Apple Mail and Thunderbird (I think it does not work yet with the latest version of Thunderbird which came out some weeks ago as it was a major update which change a lot of things).

I suspect the Bridge may technically work with other clients but that would not be officially tested and may be unstable* Your best bet to know which other ones may be working with it : try and see.

*Source :

Each email client implements the IMAP standard slightly differently, so those using Bridge with an untested client may experience crashes or other bugs.