QNAP NAS any good?

Hey all, I have been owning a QNAP NAS for several years, but have been getting more privacy-aware lately. I was wondering if they protect my privacy at all. Can they access my personal files? If so, I guess I should get my own server with NextCloud.

You should probably get a better server. QNAP has these recent issues that they havent patched yet and ransomware gangs are having a field day infecting and encrypting them.

SO is there any NAS setup you would recommend?

Yeah so that concerns their security. I have disconnected my NAS from the internet a few weeks ago because of this issue. It is indeed a great concern and a good motivation to look elsewhere. Would NextCloud suffice?

The other issue, and why I opened this topic, is whether QNAP snoops/spies on my data. Any idea? Because their software is closed-source, there is of course no way to be sure. I have encrypted my sensitive data using Cryptomator only recently.

yeah i had the same concerns about privacy.
I also wondered if Synology was just as bad?

if you’re looking for pure data storage I recommend TrueNas. uses ZFS, pretty interface, and you can just block it from accessing the internet if you’re worried about your data being stolen, but if you would like to access it from outside your network I would go with nextcloud and/or VPN into your network.

Thanks! The features I am looking for:

  • Sync of files to/from computers and smartphones
    • Also computers outside home, so access via a VPN is a good idea (I did not have that with the NAS)
  • Hosting my own CalDAV/CardDAV (otherwise I could use mailbox.org)
  • Multimedia station if it turns out I do not want to use Spotify for streaming (haven’t investigated Spotify properly yet)
    • At home, video and music is just hosted and I access the IP-address directly with my Kodi HTPC

I guess a VPN to access the QNAP NAS would be a good idea if I don’t go for NextCloud? But if I do go that route, won’t I access the QNAP NAS via LAN and can have it disconnected from the internet? If so, then it doesn’t what QNAP should want to collect, because they cannot access it anyway, correct?