Pushover Notifications on Successful SSH Logins

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Maybe not super privacy-related, but a neat security solution if you need to monitor SSH logins to some box:

This sends me notifications as soon as anyone logs in to any server I manage. The reason I created this solution was because I need to grant access to the privacytools.io servers to a few choice people, either for maintenance when I’m away or other reasons. But I’m also not a trusting person, so I want to make sure these people don’t get their SSH keys stolen or whatever and let some attacker wreak havoc. Or just generally I don’t want a matrix.org situation to happen to us!


Awesome, thank you for sharing, was looking for this the other day.
I’m getting ridiculous amounts of brute force attempts on my most popular server.
fail2ban is working on overdrive.
It’s secured like fort knox but it still makes me nervous.
The other servers I run I don’t really care about, but this one I’m running a pretty well known public service on.

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(Jonah) #3

Hopefully you don’t have password auth enabled :stuck_out_tongue:

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lol! :stuck_out_tongue:

keypair + rate limiting + fail2ban + ip whitelisting + no root login + log audits and now the tool you shared!
and I’m STILL nervous haha.


have you run: https://github.com/arthepsy/ssh-audit ?

another fun one :slight_smile:


Nice, this is gonna be good!

(Jonah) #7

Oh wow, I’m definitely installing that SSH tarpit when I get home haha!