Public and Secure presence on Internet

I am sure that everyone here is aware that we could accept to having one presence on the internet that is, well, a presence that can be tracked. Like I buy things from Amazon. It is silly to use my most secure email account, and some other tools buying things. That is bringing the five eyes, into seeing the relationship between my financial information, my physical address, and things like my email address.

Yes, I can still, on the public side, working to stop the 'Surveillance Capitalism." In addition to keeping my my private, secure side beyond the snoop ability of the NSA.

I have not thought it all through. What I have to do to have two separate presences, and one of those that is slightly resistant to (I live in US) the NSA. for anonymous online transaction. You will have to surrender some data, including financial data, because is acting like a bank for you. Otherwise its cryptocurrency all the way.

Probably get a PO box or get Amazon Locker to pick up your stuff instead of delivering to your home.

My basic point being. I should plan on my having a public presence on the net. So I can talk with my family. Buy things. I really do not care if the NSA knows I bought socks from Amazon. I think I do mind if Google knows.

What happens if I say? “Mom, in the future to communicate with me, you have to do this and that to encrypt messages to me. And don’t use Windows. Don’t install any programs in the future. Surely not Facebook. You will just have to live without all the pictures of your grand kids and their birthday parties.”

Without a two philosophy system, after awhile I will compromise my own security just for being human.

I can still have a clandestine means to use internet, and to communicate.

To do both, I need to think long and hard about keeping the two separate.

You probably need some sort of social media alternative but to be honest, all seems crap at the moment.

I think the best way to share pics is via Signal especially for older folks. Their phone would be the repository of the pics you send. You shouldnt need a third party for this.