PTIO Sponsor Safing Launches Kickstarter Preview

Many of you here are now aware of Safing, a company that develops tools to fight mass surveillance. It’s a PTIO sponsor and very privacy focused. They have already voluntarily revealed everything we might ask on the “Questions to Ask All Privacy Services” and more – right on their website.

They are launching a Kickstarter for their first project, the Safing Privacy Network (SPN). I’m still learning more about the SPN, but it’s like a VPN on steroids, from what I’ve gathered. The Kickstarter preview is available today here.

The full launch is supposed to be available February 5, but you never know with Kickstarter.

Full disclosure: I DO NOT and have not received any compensation from Safing. No offers have been extended, and I’m not auditioning. :wink:

I’m simply very excited about the potential of the Safing Privacy Network, and I’m super impressed with @davegson, the company transparency etc. Safing has a subreddit here where they answer questions and share updates.


@davegson i have a little tiny suggestion

So what about open donations via crypto as option with kickstarter to remain privacy of your users or host getway on any of your servers to get money direct without 3rd parties ? or even use one of almost private donation sites such as or

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Hi @LizMcIntyre, thanks for the shout out!

Yeah, a lot of it, but I don’t think we’re up to date with everything :wink: But as soon as the questions are out I’ll be sure to invest my time to get all aspects up to date.

@esmailelbob thanks for your input!

The reason we’re on Kickstarter is because our resources are limited. It’s a lot easier to slowly migrate a company’s independence step by step. Going cold turkey right from the start is very tough. There were however some areas where we did not compromise since day one, such as ownership. Even though it made our journey harder, we believe it was worth it.

An important note in this regard is that we are not using Google Analytics in our campaign, which Kickstarter offers as an option.

Your suggestion regarding donations via crypto is great! We already have a very hidden possibility to do just that. (Homepage > About > Influences > Personal Investment > Donation Page

The reason it’s hidden is because we much rather want to depend on our customers. This obligates us to provide a service which the privacy community truly is willing to spend their money on. From my point of view, this works much better than donations as a business model - though they are appreciated!

When the SPN launches we will offer payment via credit cards and probably cash. Credit cards are ready and the cash is being implemented. I’m 90% sure we’ll finish it in time. We plan on adding payment via crypto currencies too. Cannot give you an exact estimate on that yet, but this year is rather likely.


good, wish you all luck man!