PTIO Needs to Ditch Github

Basic Information

Description: Unofficial discussion for PTIO to please ditch Github for alternatives like Gogs or the currently hosted Gitea.

Github Wikipedia: www [dot]

Past Discussion:


First and foremost, Github discriminates against newer accounts using Tor.
I don’t just mean more captchas, I mean sign-up is disabled and accounts getting removed.

Secondly, it is proprietary. Gitea and other software is completely FLOSS.

Reactions to Arguments

I do want to address my personal opinion towards some comments.

If the problem is reporting issues at GitHub, then I would say that we are already receiving comments at Reddit and email and at times Matrix without forcing GitHub. - Mikaela

This might be ok, but basically 100% of PTIO’s discussion is on Github.

If switching to GitLab made Prism Break basically dead, imagine what would happen if we switched to self-hosted Gitea.

Nobody stated you had to kill the Github repository. But, shouldn’t the Gitea instance be made the default? Also, there is NotABug.

Why not continue to communicate about this on Github?:
Github is a just a pain for new accounts trying to join. You must contact support every couple of months for a new not-a-robot code it seems like. - I use Tor

I know @blacklight447 uses Tor and maybe it is fine for the team members.
However, it seems that only new accounts get affected here.

I think you misunderstood me. To rephrase, if you didn’t want to register on just to report an issue, you could tell us on Reddit, email, Matrix, this forum or anything that one of us happens to use and then we could open the issue for you.

It doesn’t seem like a very good solution judging by

I am still hoping for federated Git hosts and hoping that it will make people more open to moving from GitHub.

Personally only my website is currently on GitHub and it seems the most difficult part to move, I am supposed to investigate one platform and simultaneously Netlify might be getting Gitea support in near future.

We’re staying on GitHub, sorry :slight_smile:

said @jonah on the previous discussion.