Provide a weekly/monthly summary via RSS

I’m aware that the Bulletin Board already provides a weekly/monthly summary via newsletter, but it would be nicer to be able to access it via our RSS Reader of choice without it bloating our inboxes.

What do you think?

more info ? Bulletin Board ? “our” RSS Reader ?

It would need people to do it, I think some have thought about it, but I have no idea what the state is currently.

For now I think your best bet would be

By Bulletin Board i mean the software that the forum is running, like MyBB, NodeBB, PhpBB etc or in this case Discourse. To implement such a feature it might be necessary to write a custom plugin.

Yes, i sad “our” instead of “my” because privacy concious people generally use RSS readers to look up articles, news, ebay auctions, youtube subscriptions etc.

Thanks for the resource, i added it to my feeds.

For the time being i might switch to “Kill the newsletter”, a service that converts email content in atom feeds. I’m not sure how secure it is, because unless i self host it the person that controls the public instance could hijack my accounts via password reset links.

and i thought it’s RSS reader app as idiot :joy:

I hate PHP

got ya