ProtonVPN is now Open Source

Time to reassess the VPN section, amirrite?

Here is the link to their blog
I think they are pretty expensive though. You can get a free email account, but it has limited features.

I am sorry to correct you, but I was referring to their VPN service, which is due for a revision by PVTio in Q1 2020 or when the audit is released (which has just happened). This is what Im referring to:

I agree they are not cheap, but their Free Tier is pretty usable, specially the VPN which is a bargain, and Ive had no problems with 4 years of Free ProtonMail. What do you see missing in the free tier?

I did’nt look at the the post properly. I just saw the Proton part.
I used to use the free email. But it was very limited in folders you can use.
I have no doubt that they are good though.

From the comments section on the article:

  • PlusSubscriber

January 21, 2020 at 4:58 pm
That’s great news!
Do you know when Proton Mail and Proton VPN will be available on f-droid?

  • Ben Wolford

January 21, 2020 at 5:06 pm

We can’t give you a timeline at the moment, but this is a priority for us.

I hope they’re telling the truth. What’s left to open on their software?

So I guess there are now two VPNs who accomplish PTio’s standards, they should really modify that part of their website.

@a553d43c-f7fa-483a-8 ProtonVPN is now fully open source, at least their client side part. ProtonMail is a different story, if u are interested I can develop further

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Sure, tell me about it!

Basically, ProtonMail has open sourced its iOS app and the web interface; the android app is pending and currently undergoing a redesign, and the Bridge apps are due to be open sourced at an undisclosed date, probably moving Linux’s bridge to a community development model, i.e. the community takes charge of it.

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And what about back end stuff? Is everything open sourced too?

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They have stated multiple times that there are no plans to open source neither protonmail nor protonvpn’s backends, as there is no way to prove that code is the same they are running and, in their opinion, it would be detrimental to security.


Good question. But we have to remember that they are a commercial organisation.
They will put revenue before open source. Going open source is a good marketing strategy. How open will they be?

For now it looks like pretty open. They have promised to open source evreything except from the Backend. Tutanota is 100% open though.

I think it is good that ProtonMail is going open source.
This website has some good info on email providers. I don’t know how accurate it is

Ive seen it recommended to, although the VPN section is sometimes a bit outdated, iirc.

This attitude is a common problem in this community.

First we demand open source. When companies listen to our demands we then claim they aren’t doing it in good faith and bad mouth them for it.

This will just ensure other companies watching will wonder what’s the point of opening their apps up or getting audits etc.

Going open source and undergoing an audit is exactly what we asked and we should celebrate the fact that companies are listening and improving the services they offer.


I am sorry if you think people demand open source. I was not trying to put ProtonMail down. I don’t expect companies to go open source. More important is their ethics.
I think the prices are too high for their services and the free services offered are very limited.

I share some of your concerns @danarel, and I personally think Proton’sFree tiers are as much as I need, but I think the concern @anaemic has expressed about their comercial interests being in conflict with the idea of open source are prefectly legitimate and have been expressed in the less agressive of ways

It is hard to find good or unbiased info on VPN providers. Mullvad which is recommended by Privacy Tools looks very good. I used to use
I found them very good. I use Linux now and there are not many VPN providers for Linux.

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Yeah most people forget linux :frowning: . I personally love ProtonVPN because I love their mission, but I guess that makes me biased too :smile: I hope they release a GUI for linux soon