Protonmail new policy update?

After PM changed their policy do you think guys it’s good or it’s time to change to new provider ?

PS: if you not know what i’m talking about just click here

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Frankly, I don’t see anything weird about it, I think that all email providers, have to submit to similar rules.

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Yeah, all I see here is speculation and the start of conspiracy theories. No business is above the law (for better or worse) in their home country.

I certainly trust proton over some others to keep their word and not create back doors (and they legally don’t have to). They have no reason to and would destroy their business if they did.

I see nothing weird in this policy. Every email provider has to comply with the law of the country in which they are based. My issue with ProtonMail however is not providing support for Tor.

And not having their app on fdroid…
Has anyone looked at and tried to build it from source code? Is it actually completely shared on github?

As far as I know they do have tor support and an Onion address.

But if they are on the privacy side, then, they should enable a warrant canary

They have one but its a PITA even registering one on Tor. Unless you just use Standard security level.

I trust them for now. If it’s encrypted and they can give up keys or decrypt it. I’m good. I love the integrated PGP which if others have I haven’t found yet.