ProtonCalendar first feedback/review?


I am waiting very much for ProtonCalendar to free users.
Anybody in the beta program and can say a few words about it?
There is not yet an iPhone app.

Personally I found it to be lacking some features I needed, at least when it first came out. I’ve since discontinued use so it they adding things I haven’t caught them. I personally needed the ability to have multiple calendars that I could choose to see or not, along with I really really needed an app. So I just use Simple Calendar offline now, and it works way better.

That being said ProtonCalendar was/is an effective, if lacking in features, calendar. I don’t think you’re missing out on too much by not getting the beta though.

  1. Tutanota already made it and it’s in beta
  2. Protonmail is good service so i guess calendar will be good too
  3. you can use other 3rd party ones in case you want more security (do not put all eggs in one basket)
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Is there an import/export feature from O365 (I am forced to use that in corporate)?

In Proton Calendar there is no such feature. This is for me a killer.

You can follow progress on reddit